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Remember when you were a kid?  All of the running around and stacking things and pretending and splashing in puddles were so much fun, but when it came to settling down and relaxing, nothing was more fun than coloring.  Coloring books taught us how to look at how shapes worked together, how colors interacted with one another, basic design principles and so much more.  That being said, coloring was just so much FUN!

Research has shown that there are even more benefits to sitting down with a coloring book, some colored pencils or markers or even plain old fashioned crayons and coloring to our heart’s content.  Coloring can:

  • Lower stress levels and relieve anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Positively affect memory
  • Increase your ability to fall asleep or just relax

This is what Peaceful Patterns Coloring Therapy is all about.   Our goal is to provide our visitors with everything you need to have an enjoyable and beneficial coloring experience.

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What Our Customers Say:

“Thank for presenting me with this wonderful patterns book.  I recaptured childhood days and enjoyed very much getting a bit artistic combining colours and playing with colour pencils. I recommend everyone to take that trip back to younger days. It IS allowed, did you know?  Remember how much fun you had? So it can happen all over again.  Very relaxing.”

Vera Martins Duncan (Ireland)

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