Coloring by yourself is great.  It’s quiet, contemplative and gives you some great thinking time.  One of the reasons I created a “Happy Thought” at the bottom of each of my mandalas is so that the colorist can have something uplifting to contemplate during that quiet time.

But there is another option, because sometimes you just need some face time with someone outside your normal routine.  The solution for this is coloring clubs or coloring groups where you meet in person with other colorists to color, share ideas and get encouragement as well as having some fun time just socializing.

Non-virtual coloring clubs are growing.  All over the globe adults get together to color and chat at libraries, community centers and even in people’s homes.  During the group time, everyone gets out their books, pages and coloring implements and discuss every possible topic.  A lot of coloring groups even supply free pages and coloring pencils for those who just wander in.

You’d be surprised at the variety of adult coloring book styles that show up at these events.  I even had a lady bring a stretched canvas with a coloring design on it and it was really awesome.  One of the ladies in my group actually transfers coloring book patterns onto cloth and embroiders the patterns.  Each person brings their own style and feeling into their work.

Probably one of the coolest aspects of these groups is how supportive and encouraging they are with one another.  Finished pages and pages in progress are shared to complimentary comments and even sometimes applause.  Talk about your confidence boosters!

So how do you find a coloring book group in your area?  A great place to start is  Signing up for an account as an attendee is free and they make it simple to keep track of any meetings you sign up for.  You can pick how far you are willing to drive and they take that into account in the search.

Oftentimes you can also check with your local library or community center.  I know there are several of these in my area and there are more all the time.
Another option is to go to a local restaurant with a party/meeting room and ask them if they would let you use the room on a scheduled basis.  A lot of restaurants will let you do this at no charge, assuming that the people who attend will order either something to drink or something to snack on.

What if there isn’t a group in your area?  Start one!  The only thing necessary to start a group is a place to meet and a way to get the word out.  Once you have set a time and a place, you can post on social media.  You can also promote your group on for a very small monthly fee.

Some groups charge some minimal dues, if they have to pay for the space, but most of the time there is no charge to anyone who wants to attend.

Socializing while you color may take you back to childhood memories, coloring with siblings or friends.  It is extremely relaxing and is a great way to make some new friends in a very congenial atmosphere.  I highly recommend it as a great way to enhance your coloring experience.  I find it amazing how people tend to open up and share interesting stories and backgrounds with the people in these group.

Are you a member of a coloring group in your area?  If so, please feel free to share in the comments below.  Do you run a group or wish to promote one?  By all means, do share with us in the comments below.  Please include a way to contact you, so interested parties can find your group.  Thank you.


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